Foam Types

Identifying foam


(EPS) Expanded polystyrene foam






PSP Extruded polystyrene board


Dow Corning brand



Starch based Foam


At Foam Only we have mixed feelings about food based packaging.

  •  Eat food, feed people.
  •  Plastic packaging can be upcycled to new products.


Low density Polyethylene foam




Polyurethane expanding foam


Polypropylene film/ foam sample


Common use shrink wrap garbage bags

Polypropylene foam

 Very similar in appearance to expanded polystyrene

Identifiable differences are

  • Expanded polystyrene’s beads will easily separate when rubbed.
  • Expanded polystyrene has a dry feel when touched.
  • Expanded polyethylene’s is waxy to the touch.
  • Expanded polyethylene’s beads will not separate easily.

Common use garbage bags / expanded foam in packaging.